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Services > Lighting > Designer Rotation Lights

Our designer rotation lights and moonflowers are the primary lighting element for the dance floor.

When you're partying hard, you often don't even notice the lights pulsing to the beat under your feet, or over your head. But they're working just as hard as your feet are to keep you out on the floor.  Here is only a sample of what we can provide.

The example to the right is an American DJ Rover LED.  There are several varieties of modern moonflowered lights and they can make a party more exciting and fun to watch.  They rotate, flash, and colour change - and all to the same tempo you and you're friends are groovin' to.


This is a Martin Mania EFX600. To the right is a Martin EF1.
They light up a room very well, and look terrific.



Here is a common light rotator; the Vertigo.  It can cover an entire hall top to bottom and side to side with its bright beams - it is definitely a favourite!

To the right is the Martin DC2 - it projects a flame onto any surface.  Hot!




For a different effect at kid's dances, without all of the hardware, we also have a lighter version of the flame effect.  Believe it or not, it actually does look pretty neat.


System Setup With Lights





Here is a sample picture of one of our smaller Wedding Social setups with a simplified light setup of moonflowered lights and laser combination, (though it looks much better when the beat is pumping and the lights are off).










Services > Lighting > Lasers

     Our lasers are really cool, and optional.  We have basic and advanced laser projectors to suit your preferences.  If ordering a lightshow, please specify if you would like a laser to be included with your setup.  (ie: some guests do not respond well to lasers in the hall due to medical reasons.)


Services > Lighting > Fog / Haze, Strobe and Beacon Lights

   beacons     Naturally, we have fog, a haze machine, strobes, and of course, the old-style beacon lights (pictured above) available for your event.  (Even today beacons are still a favorite at school and private functions!)  A dance really comes alive when lighting hits the fog or a haze cloud.  In fact, the atmosphere instantly changes to something ethereal and trips the light fantastic when that favourite tune of yours comes on, spurring you to dance, dance, dance!  Note: as with lasers, please specify if you would like strobe lighting specifically included as some guests with a nervous disorder, will not respond well with this kind of light in a dark room.


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