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Ready to book your event?

Here are a few options:
1.  You can download the pdf file, where you can manually print it, fill it out and either mail, or fax it in to our office.  (This way you have an immediate hard copy of the actual contract for your event!)
     »»  Get Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it.
2.  Email us with your request, or fill-out our online form below to submit your information. You will still get a hard copy of the contract from us, that must be signed and returned. Call if you have any questions.

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Hall / Venue Information*     The venue name is required.
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If your event is a Wedding, Social, or an Anniversary, please complete the following (if necessary):
If there is a particular type of music preference (ie: rock, top 40, country, 50's/60's, ethnic, etc.) - please provide details:
Additonal Information* 1) Will Party Lighting Be Required?        If yes, please select the size:      
2) Will "Master Of Ceremony" services be required?        If yes, please provide details in the space below:

3) Many people today, have visual presentations running at their events.  Do you require a computer laptop "hookup" (ie: special cabling from your laptop to our P.A. system)?      If yes, do you also require an LCD projector?  
If yes to the above, do you require a screen for the projector in case the hall does not have one?      
    »»  Please note:  if you answered "Yes" to any question in subitem #3, there will be an additional supply charge of $125.00. (Total; not per item.)
4) Corded microphones are standard equipment for our DJ's.  If you require a cordless microphone due to special circumstances, please indicate here:     
5) If you have a favourite DJ you would like to request at your function, you may do so here:  

Before you submit the information in this form, please carefully review all fields to be sure nothing has been accidentally left out. When ready to preview, please ONLY click the "Preview and Submit" button ONCE.  Be patient if your browser does not immediately display the Preview page - it may take a few moments to process the information.  Note - if after a few moments, the browser appears not to be attempting to transfer information (ie: status bar, circular motion cursor), you may need to scroll up and see if a red colored text box is displayed as "invalid" or "required."  Please correct this before trying again.


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